hospital lighting with lightico and cleanlight

Uncompromising protection without compromising performance

In a pressured hospital environment, where both staff safety and productivity are equally important, CleanLight has managed to achieve the impossible and improve both.

Here’s how CleanLight delivered uncompromising protection, without the kind of disruption that can compromise patient care, within a major NHS hospital during the pandemic.

The Problem

The hospital needed to protect staff on two very busy, crucial wards: an Intensive Care Ward preparing for the UK’s second wave of infection and a general ward looking after recovering COVID-19 positive patients.


The nature of the critical care meant it was impossible for staff to socially distance from each other or the patients. They had to be in proximity for long periods of time to deliver vital care. The challenge was to reduce the heightened risk of infection, without hindering their life-saving work.

The Solutions

First, we carried out our Air Quality Audit, placing several air sampling plates in key locations for a n exposure period of up to 90 minutes. This gave us a quantitative estimate of the concentration of micro-organisms in the air.

From this detailed analysis of the airborne threats, and verified tabulated results, we were able to show where CleanLight panels should be installed for optimum effect.

The areas where bacteria levels and the risk of transmission were greatest were the nurses’ workstation and connecting corridors. We replaced 35 existing light fittings with CleanLight LED panels throughout these areas, disruption was minimal with the entire installation taking less than a day to complete. With each unit throwing out 7.5m 2 of light that kills bacteria and viruses in the air, CleanLight provided greater protection with minimal intrusion.

The Results

Once the CleanLight LEDs were installed, we carried out a further Air Quality Audit to measure its effectiveness. From this we could show that CleanLight had significantly reduced the levels of bacteria and risk that staff faced by working for long periods of time without being able to socially distance.


Time (mins)


Number Of Colonies On Plate

Before Installation

After Installation

% Difference














Nurses’ Station













CleanLight cut bacteria by 77% in 90 minutes*

*Based on the nurses’ station results

The Bigger Picture

CleanLight from Lightico provides a solution wherever your staffs’ work would be compromised, by adding protocol and extra processes to better protect them.

The starting point is always an accurate assessment – using our own Air Quality Audit. Once the danger areas have been identified, our CleanLight LEDs can be fitted quickly, and take immediate effect. By killing airborne bacteria, viruses, pollutants, and odours with nothing but light, CleanLight provides non-intrusive, instant and highly effective protection.

Switch CleanLight on, and switch on a new level of protection, with almost no disruption.

To talk to Lightico about how CleanLight can offer a safe, long life, maintenance-free solution to clean air get in touch below:

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