How does CleanLight stand up to the current CIBSE Guidelines for air cleaner specification?

We worked through the current guidance from CIBSE (The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) to see if our CleanLight solution stands up to their rigorous specification criteria.

And the answer is IT DOES!

COVID-19: Air cleaning technologies

If you need some help...

Here are the answers to the questions. If you need any of the documents referenced here please get in touch below.

Do you need an air cleaner?Yes
Is the CADR suitable for the size of the room?No
Can multiple units be used?Yes
Is the product CE or UKCA marked?Yes
Does the device include novel technology?Yes
Is there testing or certification data against known risks?Yes
Is it possible for it to generate any other harmful chemicals in operation?No
Does it have independent, third party testing data to demonstrate its efficacy?Yes
Does the testing follow an industry standard protocol?Yes
Is the testing data for the pollutants you are trying to minimise?Yes
Is the testing representative of the location the device will be used?Yes
Is the operation and maintenance information available and clear?Yes

The answer is "OK to specify"

If you are responsible for specifying air cleaning technology and want to learn more about CleanLight please contact us below.

For all CIBSE COVID-19 guidance, see

And to access the full guidence, see

COVID-19: Air cleaning technologies allows users to assess the variety of air cleaning devices currently marketed for the removal of SARS-CoV-2, and to discover which air cleaner, if any, will effectively reduce transmission risk in a given space.

This guidance will be of use to lay-readers, and also to those requiring a detailed background of air flow performance metrics, pollutant and viral decay, and tools assessing the performance of air cleaners in context.  

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