CleanLight Air Purifier

Improved TiO2 nanomaterial delivering more powerful activity against viruses, bacteria and odours. The world’s most energy-efficient air cleaner.

CleanLight Air Purifier​

Improved TiO2 nanomaterial delivering more powerful activity against viruses, bacteria and odours. The world’s most energy-efficient air cleaner.

The world's most energy efficient air purifier.

We’re Lightico and we are lighting the way with our patented and scientifically proven light-powered air purifier.

Our CleanLight LED Panel, harnesses innovative technology to kill bacteria and viruses including; MRSA and Sars-Cov-2 –the cause of Covid 19.

We’re confident that using a CleanLight holds the secret to making enclosed spaces safer for everyone.

CleanLight is proven to kill 99.9% of pathogens including the Coronavirus.

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CleanLight – LED lighting panels that harness the power of Titanium Dioxide(TiO2) to clean the air of microbes, toxins and odours. The world’s most energy efficient air purifier

For almost 50 years TiO2 and UV lighting have been used to fight bacteria and Viruses. TiO2, when exposed to UV light, breaks down water vapour in the air to produce free oxygen radicals that then attack whatever they come into contact with – including deadly viruses.

Paul Reynard, Lightico’s Technical Director has developed a unique, exciting and first to the market product – CleanLight – that creates the same reaction but using LED lighting panels (instead of UV), meaning they are safe to use in populated spaces whilst still being equally effective in the fight against disease – including Coronavirus.

(TiO2) coated LED lighting panels generate photocatalytic oxidation which neutralises airborne pathogens in a 7.5m2 area. Thus instantly creating an anti-microbial, anti-toxin, and odor free environment. Cleanlight is available exclusively through Lightico.

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ERC Program

energy reduction coalition

Installation of CleanLight Panels has never been easier with our capital funding partner The Energy Reduction Coalition

Our unique funding solution, delivered by The Energy Reduction Coalition (ERC) provides any organisation access to the capital they need to upgrade critical clean air and energy-saving infrastructure.

This game-changing offer guarantees you the infrastructure you need with no increase in operating costs, no debt and no commitment.

Air Quality Audit

In the wake of COVID 19, everyone’s now clear on just how deadly airborne viruses can be.

What’s less clear is exactly which airborne dangers we encounter every day in the environments where we work, shop, relax and are cared for.

Air pollution can be as dangerous as airborne viruses. It accounts for 43% of lung disease deaths and 25% of heart disease deaths. And yet this deadly threat is often overlooked.

Our Air Quality Audit is here to change that.

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