Documents and Downloads

Here you can find the various resources we have about the Lightico range of products, all of which are free to download:

Downloadable Specifications


Below you can download the CleanLight introduction presentations:

Science & Evidence

Lightico has conducted a number of laboratory tests and field trials to create evidence that TiO2 and UV-C work to reduce bacteria and viruses, making your workplace safer.

Below is a summary of the science and evidence behind CleanLight and Protect. 


In addition to the scientific evidence behind Lightico’s technology we also take our responsibility to produce high quality and safe products that comply with the highest possible European standard and protocols.

Below is a zip file of the test reports that ensure product safety and quality:

Test Reports

To support our partners and customers we are able to share the specific reports referenced in the above presentation. All these test reports are available to download please get in touch to get access:

Branding & Product Photography

At Lightico we offer a wide range of high-quality images of our products to enable you to create fantastic marketing assets for your business. All images remain the property of Lightico Ltd.

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