CleanLight installed in Edinburgh Digital Care Hub

Edinburgh College Chooses CleanLight by Lightico to Illuminate its Pioneering Digital Care Hub

Edinburgh College, at the forefront of innovation in healthcare education, has selected CleanLight, our groundbreaking LED panel renowned for its air-purifying capabilities, to illuminate its state-of-the-art Digital Care Hub.

Demonstrating a commitment to the well-being of its students and advancing healthcare practices, the college has strategically chosen Lightico’s CleanLight panels following a successful trial at the Sighthill campus.

CleanLight, proven to cleanse the air by eradicating viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19, has been meticulously evaluated and endorsed by Edinburgh College. The Digital Care Hub, established in 2021 to offer an immersive experience for aspiring health professionals, underwent reconfiguration, providing an opportune moment for the installation of our unique lighting solution that mirrors real-world healthcare environments.

Collaborating closely with Lightico, the college’s estates team assessed the potential benefits of integrating CleanLight across their facilities to enhance air quality and diminish the risk of airborne virus transmission.

Subsequent to a successful trial, the college has officially approved CleanLight, showcasing a dedicated commitment to its implementation wherever feasible. The first installation of CleanLight in a virtual healthcare facility designed to facilitate hands-on learning is a significant achievement for Lightico.

Situated at the Sighthill Campus, the Digital Care Hub serves as a training ground for students pursuing careers in health, social care, dental, and pharmacy. The facility encompasses a meticulously replicated medical ward with a patient room, toilet, and wet room facilities, an infection control and decontamination area, a reflection room, and a care-at-home room.

The recent installation of CleanLight ensures that students not only benefit from a safer and cleaner working environment but also experience a more realistic reproduction of an active healthcare setting. As CleanLight gains traction in healthcare settings worldwide, students at   Edinburgh College will witness first hand the tangible improvements in infection control made possible by this cutting-edge technology.


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