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Protecting those that care for patients as they reach the end of life.

Here’s how CleanLight was the ideal solution for local hospice St Gemma’s.

The Problem

The hospice had already recognised the need to monitor air quality in key workspaces where
caregivers needed to discuss sensitive and confidential care plans for patients. Through the
installation of CO2 monitors, levels of carbon dioxide are constantly monitored and staff have
been trained to take mitigation measures should levels exceed so laid out by the
UK Health & Safety Executive.

The challenge was that options to mitigate poor air quality were limited. With only one office
per ward, they are constantly in use day and night. Without any mechanical air extract the only
solution for reducing CO2 levels is to open the door (allowing potential pathogens to disperse
into the ward area) or open the windows resulting in increased heating costs and potential breaches
in confidentiality as conversations could be overheard.

The Solution

First, we carried out our Air Quality Audit, placing 3 air sampling plates within the ward office for an exposure period of up to 60 minutes. This gave us a quantitative estimate of the concentration of micro-organisms in the air. From this detailed analysis of the airborne threats, and verified tabulated results, we were able to show where CleanLight panels should be installed for optimum effect. We replaced 4 existing light fittings with CleanLight LED panels, disruption was minimal with the entire installation taking less than a day to complete. The dimensions of the ward office provide a 32.79m3 volume of air that needs to be cleaned. In total, these four CleanLight panels provided the equivalent of 9.99ACH (air changes per hour) well above the standard set by CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services). All without any additional energy usage throughout the lifespan of the product; 50,000 hours.

The Results

A subsequent Clean Air Audit by Lightico proved that the CleanLight panels had reduced bacteria levels in all areas within the test locations. This was achieved within confined, complex spaces, in continual use by large numbers of people.

Number of bacteria colonies counted after 72hr incubation:

Plate location

Bacterial colony count (per plate) – TVC


Before Cleanlight

After CleanLight

% Diff

Office Position 1




Office Position 2




Office Position 3








“CO2 monitoring was just the first step in developing a clean air strategy for our most valuable asset, the staff.

It was only when we looked at CleanLight could we see a viable solution that was practical and cost effective.

We were confident in the its capability to clean the air but the results were far better than we expected.”

Richard Wilson – Estates Manager, St Gemma’s Hospice.

The Bigger Picture

Even in seemingly impossible high traffic areas, where ventilation and space are very limited, Lightico can provide a solution.

Our Clean Air Audit is an accurate assessment process that precisely measures the levels of airborne viruses, bacteria, pollutants and odours in almost any space. Utilising tabulated data from the audit, CleanLight can then be fitted as a standard LED panel, so installation is always simple and affordable, with minimal disruption. CleanLight provides an otherwise unattainable level of protection however complex or busy space is.

Our Clean Air Audit and CleanLight provide protection so powerful and versatile, it’s an effective solution for any environment.

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