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Lightico & Energy Reduction Coalition Announce Partnership

Lightico and the Energy Reduction Coalition announce a new strategic partnership with a financial commitment to pay for the Clean Air and Carbon Reduction infrastructure upgrades of up to 25 organizations initially in 2023.

Leeds, UK – 4th July 2023

Lightico, the manufacturer of the CleanLight LED panel, is excited to announce its partnership with the Energy Reduction Coalition (ERC). The partnership will provide UK organizations with unprecedented access to capital for the deployment of sustainable, resource-saving, and clean air technologies. This collaboration aims to empower 25 businesses and non-profits to adopt energy-efficient clean air solutions by offering to pay for the installation of CleanLight LED panels and other energy-saving solutions in 2023.

In the face of ongoing climate change challenges, it is crucial for organizations to prioritize clean air inside buildings and embrace sustainable practices. By partnering with ERC, Lightico aims to drive the transition to greener energy solutions while helping organizations reduce their carbon footprint and improve air quality.

ERC’s unique capital program will enable organizations across various sectors in the UK to accelerate their carbon reduction initiatives and leverage energy-saving air purification technologies, such as CleanLight LED panels. Installing these panels will significantly reduce energy consumption and lower electricity bills for businesses whilst contributing to a cleaner and greener environment. This capital commitment is just the first step to bring this unique solution to the UK. The partnership offers organizations unprecedented access to ERC’s capital, with a significant amount of additional capital available for larger projects. This ensures that Lightico and ERC can support a wide range of initiatives and help organizations of all sizes make a meaningful impact on clean air and carbon reduction efforts.

"The partnership between Lightico and the Energy Reduction Coalition represents a significant milestone in our commitment to driving sustainability and improving indoor air quality across the UK. Together, we aim to provide organizations with the necessary capital to implement energy-saving solutions that not only benefit their bottom line but also contribute to a more sustainable future and a healthier environment for staff."
Mark Garrett
Managing Director - Lightico

The initial commitment to pay for 25 projects will prioritise public sector and non-profit organisations where the need to accelerate resource-saving technology is the greatest since capital has been so limited over recent years. Mark continued; “We have witnessed the lack of investment in the public sector first hand and hear the frustrations from leaders within education and health that so much money is being wasted maintaining old and inefficient infrastructure. This initial commitment provides these organisations unprecedented access to the capital they need to not just save money, but significantly improve their environmental and social impact when it is most urgent.”

ERC, a leading advocate for energy efficiency and reduction, will help by removing the barrier of up-front capital investment by paying for all aspects of a project, assessment, design and engineering, installation, and ongoing maintenance. These technologies will result in a more sustainable and liveable world, with reduced greenhouse gas emissions, improved air and water quality, and a healthier environment for future generations. Through their expertise in assessing the benefits of resource-saving and environmental improvement technologies, ERC and Lightico will identify eligible organizations and help them facilitate the implementation of energy-saving clean air initiatives.

“We call ourselves a coalition for a reason. We want to work with other like-minded organizations that not only want to make a positive impact on our planet, but also contribute to a better global society by the way we all interact on a business and personal level. I’m grateful to work with so many different brilliant people and companies every day, who both have world-changing ideas, and who do things the right way. Mark and the team at Lightico are one of those organizations and we are proud and excited to partner with them”
Paul Pewterbaugh

The partnership between Lightico and ERC not only supports the UK’s ambitious energy reduction targets, but also aligns with the government’s initiatives to accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources. By promoting the adoption of CleanLight LED panels and other sustainable technologies, this collaboration will contribute to the country’s overall carbon reduction efforts and foster a greener, more sustainable economy. Addressing air quality challenges will help maintain a route to NET ZERO while providing users of buildings with clean air that limits airborne transmission of diseases such as COVID-19.

For more information about the partnership between Lightico and ERC and how organizations can access the fund, please visit  or contact or +44(0)113 4607102.

For information on the Energy Reduction Coalition visit their website

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