Edinburgh College selects Lightico’s CleanLight panel for use in teaching areas across estate.

Edinburgh college chose lightico

Lightico is proud to announce that, following a successful trial, CleanLight may be specified on all future lighting projects in teaching areas where the product would have recognised benefits across Edinburgh College’s four campuses. The trial carried out with Edinburgh College demonstrated a more than 80% improvement in air quality from the installation of just 8 CleanLight panels, installed as part of the college’s programme to upgrade existing lighting systems.

Working with the college’s estates team, Lightico was given the challenge to address staff concerns around air quality and the potential risk of airborne transmission of disease. The search for a permanent “always on” solution to replace the portable air purifiers led them to Lightico. Testing was carried out to assess air quality prior to installation using Lightico’s standardised Air Quality Assessment. This identified a lack of active ventilation in the space, meaning that air changes per hour were insufficient. The installation of CleanLight was completed during the day with minimal disruption, and the same air quality assessment was carried out. The results were clear, showing a more than 80% improvement in air quality, through the removal of airborne bacteria and with it any potential virus or pollutant.

The results of the trial were sufficient for Edinburgh College to name CleanLight as a lighting solution of choice for future works across the four Edinburgh City campuses.

Forward-thinking organizations like Edinburgh College know they need to address these concerns with permanent solutions like CleanLight
Mark Garrett
Managing Director - Lightico

Lightico’s Managing Director, Mark Garrett, said, “It is tremendously rewarding to be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of CleanLight so convincingly in this way. While it is no longer in the news, the risk of COVID-19 and other airborne diseases remains a concern for staff when working in shared offices. The temporary solutions identified in the early days of the pandemic are now coming to the end of their life. Forward-thinking organizations like Edinburgh College know they need to address these concerns with permanent solutions like CleanLight.”

CleanLight is an easy-to-install, low-cost, maintenance-free, and energy-efficient solution that can help organizations balance the twin challenges of indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

Edinburgh College is a further and higher education institution located in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is one of the largest colleges in Scotland, with four campuses spread across the city. The college offers a wide range of courses and programmes in areas such as art and design, business, computing, construction, engineering, health and social care, hospitality, music, and more. It is committed to providing high-quality education and training that is relevant to the needs of students and employers, and to supporting the economic and social development of the region.

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